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From the blogs

  • Sonje Ayiti shares Donna Karan's latest collection, which is supposedly inspired by Haiti. Renowned Haitian painter Philippe Dodard provided some consulting on the collection. But as Nadine Mondestin (@zeklearts) wrote me: "Nice collection. Don't see the Haiti. Haiti is so not earth tones." Couldn't agree more. This collection is yet another indication that Haiti is the hot cause marketing trend. Bleh.

  • Vague du Futur, a Fokal  and Droits et Democratie sponsored youth leadership project, blogs the ins and outs of its 2011 summer camp in Hinche.

  • Love Haiti argues that Bill Clinton is Haiti's real president while Martelly is merely a lame duck puppet. 


The 9 videos included in this edition make it quite media heavy. Yesterday was that kind of a day on Haitian YouTube!

  • Blogger and radio talk show Carel Pedre's channel (PedreCarel) has been posting segments of his TV show Digicel Stars. In today's media section, you will find 3 clips  of the Cap-Haitien and Gonaïves contests but feel free to peruse the channel which offers many more segments. The judges (Man Lolo a.k.a. Marie-Laurence Jocelyn Lassègue, Alex Abellard and Michael Benjamin) and contestants alike are hilarious and the following clip is the funniest I have seen this season:

In the news

  • Anti-MINUSTAH demo in Champ de Mars yesterday quelled by Haitian police. (HPN, Headlines section.)

Photo by Etant Dupain of Champ de Mars demo yesterday.

  • Former military march in Delmas. (HPN, Headlines section) 

  • If two marches were not enough in one day, pro-Martelly demonstrators demanded delegate positions promised by their candidate. (Alterpresse, Headlines section.) 

  • And more including the PM crisis and catty assertions against Angolan Miss Universe Leila Lopes by Miss France.  


kiskeácity daily is out ! Edition of Tuesday, Sep. 13 and Wednesday, Sep.14, 2011 #Haiti #diaspora



  • Lovely Boston Haitian Reporter article on young diaspora Haitians returning to Haiti to live and work, a trend I had noticed a while back.

  • Miss Universe pageant over with Miss Angola the big winner. Panama wins best national costume. (Google, Le Nouvelliste, Blog Carel la))

  • The tragedy of 10 Haitians dead at sea while attempting to reach the Turks and Caicos Islands. (HPN) 

  • Former Jamaican PM P.J. Patterson joins Haiti Investment Council. (Caribbean Journal)

  • Brazil asks UN security council to withdraw 15% of troops. (HPN)

  • And more on PM designate Gary Conille.


Miss Haiti (@anedie01)'s goodbye video on the bus back from the pageant, the only item in today's edition of the paper :


kiskeácity daily is out ! Editions of Sunday, Sep. 11 and Monday, Sep. 12, 2011


  • New book on the Haitian Spiralists (Franketienne, Philoctète) by Kaiama Glover. 
  • Book signing for Jean-Max Calvin's Hors du Bleu coming up Sep. 25 in Uniondale, NY. 
  • Cardicis3 Daily has become Cardicis3 Weekly. (Cardicis is a technology foundation and think tank dedicated to Caribbean integration and Caribbean linguistic diversity.) 

  • PM Letter scandal: Two articles on how some in Martelly's entourage tried to make the PM designate sign a letter promising to resign in case of disagreement with the president. (Radio Kiskeya, InfoHaiti.net.)
  • More prizes for Dany Laferriere's book The Return. 

From and about the blogs

  • My article on Haitians' online reactions to UN rape scandal in French on Global Voices en Français. English version here.
  • Caribbean journal interview with one of Digicel's top executives. 


And more!


Haïti : Les Casques bleus doivent partir, disent les Haitiens · Global Voices en Français

Photo courtoisie Etant Dupain 

Traduction en Français par Claire Ulrich de l'article que j'ai publié sur Global Voices il y a quelques jours:


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kiskeácity daily is out ! Editions of Thursday, Sep. 9 to Saturday, Sep. 10, 2011 #Haiti #MINUSTAH



Highlights Thursday

UN Haiti Rape Scandal

  • Pregnant 17 year old. (HPN)
  • Local women and UN troops. (ipsnews.net) 
Natcom's official launch after long interconnection battle with Digicel. (HPN)

Highlights Today

  • 15% of UN troops in Haiti to go. (Haiti Libre)
  • My roundup in Global Voices of reactions by Haitians online to the UN rape video. (Global Voices)
  • Various articles on the aftermath of two days of rain in Port-au-Prince. (HPN)
  • Former presidential candidate and constitutional scholar opines on whether PM designate Gary Conille meets the residency requirement. (Haiti Libre)
  • Will Miss Haiti be one of the Miss Universe pageant's 16 finalists? (HPN, Art and Entertainment tab)
  • And more including more video of Miss Haiti and Jessica "SIKA" Valme 's delightful singing! 

From the blogs


  • Miss Haiti's National costume from Anedie01 Youtube Channel.

  • Interview with Port-Salut woman and half-Uruguayan baby from GaetantGuevara Youtube Channel.

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Haiti: UN Troops Must Go, Say Haitians After Rape Scandal · Global Voices

Photo taken by Etant Dupain Monday in Port-Salut.

My latest Global Voices piece about Haitian reactions on Twitter and blogs to the UN rape scandal:


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kiskeácity daily is out ! Edition of Wednesday, Sep. 07, 2011 #Haiti #Minustah #Football #Jacmel



UN Rape Scandal
  • Youth who leaked video receiving threats. (HPN) FR
  • Uruguay apologizes. (Radio Kiskeya, BBC) FR, EN
  • More and more talk of withdrawal of UN troops and specifically Brazil explicitely mobilizing for withdrawal, saying mission has run its course. FR
  • Big decision day on the future of MINUSTAH  tomorrow as relevant authorities from several South American countries meet on the topic. (Haiti Libre) FR 
  • Four perpetrators repatriated. (HPN) FR

From blogs and social media

MediaHacker interviews the two youth who managed to capture the UN rape video via bluetooth and leaked it to media. EN

Vague du Futur blog announces an exhibit of photographs of students from Francophone countries at the FOKAL offices in Port-au-Prince co-sponsored by Agence Universitaire Francophone (AUF). (Arts and entertainment tab) FR

www.culture509.com highlights 20 years of cooperation between Jacmel and french city Strasbourg. FR

Haiti-based Jean-Marc Tribié (@jmtribie on Twitter) posted the below picture of plywood being transported by foot in Bourdon. 

Plywood. #Bourdon #Haiti on Twitpic

Other topics 

  • Judicious editiorial in NYT by Haitian writer Isabelle Dupuy on the explosion of disaster tourism to Haiti and its translation in French by HPN. (EN in Society tab and FR in Headlines) 
  • Soccer victory against Curaçao. (#Footbal tab) FR
  • Jacmel's recovery a success. (Google) EN
  • Haitian youth on their way to South America targeted by traffickers.(HPN) FR 
  • Dominican president meets with UN representative on Haitian refugees and stateless Dominicano-Haitians. (Dominican Today) EN 
  • And more!


kiskeácity daily is out ! Edition of Tuesday, Sep. 06, 2011 #Haiti #MINUSTAH



UN-Haiti Rape scandal:

  • Demonstrations in Port-Salut, 
  • exhaustive RNDDH report on sexual abuse by MINUSTAH in this and other cases in Port-Salut (including evidence of pregnancies among minors), 
  • resolution for progressive MINUSTAH withdrawal, 
  • Uruguay prosecuting the 4 perpetrators 
  • and more.

Haitian football:
HPN poll reveals Haitian optimism for 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Labor Day West Indian Parade in NY:
No Haitian float this year!

kiskeácity daily is out ! Edition of Monday, Sep. 05, 2011

I did not publish commented editions of kiskeacity daily last week.

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For now, here is Monday's edition:



NGO disgrace in Haiti continues as Martelly condemns the rape of a 19 year-old by UN "peacekeepers" and Oxfam fires 6 non-Haitian staff member for unspecified misconduct.

Gary Conille officially designated as Prime Minister.

Haiti-based blog www.culture509.com relishes in Haiti's 6-0 soccer-football   victory against the Virgin Islands team which propels the team one step closer to the2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Picture by www.culture509.com

Tune in tomorrow for updates on today's West Indian Day parade on Eastern Parkway.

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