kiskeácity daily is out ! Edition of Saturday, Jul. 30, 2011


(This is the only edition for this weekend as I took a break from posting stories yesterday afternoon and this morning to spend time with friends and family.)


Politics and culture - Former presidential candidate Mirlande Manigat weighs in on Martelly's woes with Parliament. Martelly apologizes to journalists in Jacmel.  More on the attack against Martelly in Cap-Haitian. Rara used to fight cholera.

From the blogs - Jean-Marie Théodat's moving goodbye to legendary Haitian musician Azor, possibly his last post on the France-Info blog. Le Monde du Sud/Elsie News' take on the latest wikileaks revelations about what the American Ambassador called a post-earthquake gold rush. From Polycarpediem, a tribute to Haitian artisans.

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kiskeácity daily is out ! Edition of Friday, Jul. 29, 2011


Topics include: From the Imaj-Info blog, a mini-report of a recent sit-in against the MINUSTAH and more on Magic Haiti, Le Nouvelliste's new English-language tourism publication. On the Haiti cultural front, Haitian-American musical sensation Daniel Bernard Roumain will visit and perform in Haiti for the first time this weekend. On the reconstruction front, a story on French-sponsored sanitation training. In technology, Facebook would like to see the end of anonymity online (!) and signs that the iPhone5 may or may not be in the works.

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kiskeácity daily is out ! Edition of Thursday, Jul. 28, 2011



Politics - A Miami Herald editorial and a post by blogger Reginald Toussaint both highlight signs of discontent with Martelly's first two months in office. Le Nouvelliste is suggesting that Deputy Dionald Polyte was murdered, rather than accidentally shot by his bodyguard.

Technology - New Playstation designed by France based Haitian. More on whether the Congolese Tablet PC is in fact Chinese (by French blogger).

Tourism - New english-language publication related to Le Nouvelliste to promote tourism to Haiti.

Events - Author Hervé Fanini-Lemoine at last night's An'n Pale event in NYC (Photo).

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kiskeácity daily is out ! Edition of Wednesday, Jul. 27, 2011



Haiti - Martelly claims there was an attempt on his life in the North, no prime minister this week, women in Parliament, crackdown on Filipinos being trafficked to Haiti under false pretenses, Wikileaks reveals US pressured Fernandez to fire former ambassador to Haiti.

Technology- Controversy over the new so-called Congolese tablet PC: is it in fact made in China? Also, a new network aims to digitally integrate Caribbean institutions.

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kiskeácity daily is out ! Edition of Tuesday, Jul. 26, 2011


Lots on Creole whether Haitian (Boston Globe), Jamaican (from the blog of Annie Paul) or Swiss-German;  more on Martelly and the CIRH as well as his tourism week tour, his visit to the North where he was attacked and the parliamentary/prime minister crisis including a plea by members of French parliament and Haitian industrialists to reach a consensus; death of a deputy. Nafissatou Diallo's first public appearance caught my eye as well.

The interesting blog posts are under the #Haiti tag. Topics include: Creoles and education in Haiti, Jamaica and Switzerland, a view of P-au-P, library updates by the Bibliothèques sans Frontières blog, upcoming Port-au-Prince arts and entertainment events including a conference on Jean Price-Mars as well as a letter by Haitians in Guadeloupe decrying the Haitian consulate there and OGLHaiti's upcoming radio show on the Haitian environment.

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kiskeácity daily is out ! Edition of Monday, Jul. 25, 2011


Topics include various Caribbean-American festivals and heritage celebrations including Jamaican Independence day (See NY Daily News); C@ribnet, a potential digital integration tool for various Caribbean institutions; women and technology in Africa; arts festivals in Africa; a new USAID study on Haitian prisons and more. 

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kiskeácity daily is out ! Edition of Sunday, Jul. 24, 2011


Topics include: Martelly's renewed commitment to housing, health grant by the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, this weekend's West Indian Parade in New Jersey, a Haitian-American named CEO at Chrysler, musician Azor's national funeral, Caribbean-American heritage awards gala and more.

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Banque et décentralisation en Haiti selon Kesner Pharel

Extrait d'un article d'haitilibre.com sur le lancement récent de Kay Pa'm, programme de crédit dans l'immobilier:
« C’est une opportunité qui s’offre au système bancaire haïtien avec ce projet [Kay Pa'm] », a commenté pour sa part l’économiste Kesner Pharel, qui a insisté sur la nécessité d’ouvrir ce programme aux autres villes de province. « La décentralisation nécessite la création d’opportunités dans d’autres régions d’Haïti. 86% des dépôts d’argent à l’intérieur du pays sont faits dans les banques à Port-au-Prince, les 14 % restant concernent les autres banques de la République. De plus, en dehors de la capitale, suivant une étude du Groupe Croissance, moins de 5% des détenteurs d’un compte en banque ont accès au crédit bancaire. Cela témoigne de l’injustice qu’il y a dans le système. »

Article complet: http://www.haitilibre.com/article-3411-haiti-reconstruction-le-programme-kay-pa-m-est-lance.html

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kiskeácity daily is out ! Edition of Saturday, Jul. 23, 2011


Topics include Bill Clinton's million dollar grant to Haitian schools, potential tropical depression forming in the smaller Caribbean islands, musician Azor's state funeral, itemized monthly government cost for each Senator, CIRH's renewed term, video of a camp in Croix des Bouquets and more. 

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kiskeácity daily is out ! Edition of Friday, Jul. 22, 2011


Topics include more on the monthly salary of Haitian parliament members, reconstruction and the BBB housing fair in Zoranje, a future hotel in Jacmel, Haiti's relatively high literacy rate compared to francophone African countries, a possible hurricane next week and more.

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kiskeácity daily is out ! Edition of Thursday, Jul. 21, 2011


Topics include: renewed pledge by Martelly to implement his education program, launch of Kay Pam mortgage program by government, Haiti en Folie festival in Quebec, beginning of reconstruction of government buildings and other regional news.

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kiskeácity daily is out ! Edition of Wednesday, Jul. 20, 2011


Highlights include upcoming INURED conference in PauP  and various tech developments in the Caribbean.

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If the Haitian Diaspora were a country, it would be Uruguay

Excerpt from How Can We Use the Skills and Capital of the Diaspora from the SolutionHaiti blog: 

The vast majority of college-educated Haitians are overseas and many of them are very well-connected in their host countries.  The economic potential is enormous.  3 million Haitians (probaby closer to 4) that hold $50 000 in equity in their homes (probably higher) currently hold (excluding savings or any other investments or holdings) $ 150 billion in real estate.  3 million Haitians that make $ 20 000 in income for example represent a $ 45 billion market, per year.  This is about 10 times the size of the entire local Haitian economy.  To put this in perspective, if the diaspora were a country, it would be Uruguay which  has about 3.5 million people and an economy worth $ 40 billion.  Panama has a similar population and is about half that economically. 

Full post: http://www.solutionhaiti.org/2011/finance/diaspora-skills-capital

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kiskeácity daily is out ! Edition of Monday, Jul. 18, 2011


Many music stories in this edition as musician Azor has died, band members of Septen have been hurt in an accident and the NY Times has a profile of Wyclef Jean. In politics, we learn about the surprisingly high salary of members of Haitian parliament. Plus, a recipe for Haitian hamburger by pundit Emann Joasil, interesting new technology for universities in Africa and more.

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kiskeácity daily is out ! Edition of Sunday, Jul. 17, 2011


Topics include two articles on Haitian literature including a new book by Pierre-Louis Bernardel on his Haitian peasant upbringing, more on Thiotte's coffee, interesting stats about the Haitian diaspora and a new Haitian hip hop mixtape introduced by KRS1.

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Les Dominicains et le café Haïtien

Extrait de l'article Thiotte Mise sur son Café du  Nouvelliste: 
Ce n'est pas toute la quantité de café produite dans l'arrondissement de Belle-Anse - regroupant les communes de Thiotte, Grand Gosier, Anse-à-Pitre et Belle-Anse - qui est, pour l'instant, commercialisée par la Coopcab. Une bonne partie de la production, plus que 50%, selon certaines estimations, est vendue dans la contrebande aux Dominicains. Ces derniers auraient exporté le café comme produit dominicain. Apportant de l'argent cash, les Dominicains payent le café à vil prix aux planteurs qui ne veulent pas passer par le circuit de la Coopcab. La cause? La coopérative ne dispose pas d'assez d'argent pour payer le café sur place. 
Article complet: http://lenouvelliste.com/article.php?PubID=1&ArticleID=93152&PubDate=2011-05-30

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kiskeácity daily is out ! Edition of Saturday, Jul. 16, 2011


Topics: Murder of Haitian student Roodline Pierre in the DR, roundup of recent cultural events in Port-au-Prince, the prime minister saga still unresolved, haitian coffee and more.

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Quote of the Day: Artistic critique of international community and NGOs in Haiti.

From Tande Blog's Out and About roundup of cultural events in Haiti: 

Les Mots Vulnerables was the title chosen for the event held at the French Insitute as part of La Quinzaine du Livre on Friday, June 24th. A theater group presented a short sketch and several authors (Edwidge Danticat, Kettly Mars, Verly Dabel,Lyonel Trouillot, and Georges Castera, among others)  read excerpts of their published works and other short texts. The crowd seemed to especially appreciate Dabel's take on Haiti's post-earthquake situation, including his critique of the international community and various NGO's. 
Full link: http://tandenou2.blogspot.com/2011/07/out-and-about.html
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Of Haitian coffee

Of Haitian Coffee:
(1) Café Forêt des Pins Bleus :
The Café Forêt des Pins Bleus comes from the best coffee producing region of Haiti called Thiotte (where is also the headquarters of COOPCAB), in south-east. Coffee is grown at an altitude of 1.300 to 1.350 meters. The infusion is characterized by an aroma and a superb fragrance, balanced acidity, a round body and a good aftertaste. All grains are dried in the sun, which explains their bluish color. The Café de la Forêt des Pins Bleus, is considered by connoisseurs in Italy, as the best coffee for espresso.

(2) Café Marre Blanche :
This coffee comes from the region bearing the same name in the mountains of south-east of Haiti. It is cultivated at an altitude of 1.400 meters and has a strong aroma with citrus flavors and a grassy aftertaste. The Green beans of Marre Blanche were the best sellers, on the Japanese market in 2009. The infusion has a wonderful aroma and a strong fragrance and good acidity and a round body. The Café Marre Blanche, without added sugar because of its natural sweetness, is appreciated by connoisseurs.

(3) Kafé Gwo Chwal :
Gwo Chwal (Creole for "Big Horse") comes from the region of the same name, in the West Department of Haiti. Like the other coffee of COOPCAB, this coffee is dried in the sun. Kafe Gwo Chwal grows at an altitude of 1.500 to 1.600 meters. This is probably the best gourmet coffee from Haiti. The tasting of Gwo Chwal was a delight for the international community because of its beautiful fragrance, its complex aroma and a lemony aftertaste. This coffee has good acidity and a round body.

Wondering which of these varieties Rebo, my favorite packaged coffee, is made of. Would it be #2, the sweet one? :-)

Source:  http://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-3378-haiti-economy-the-us-embassy-in-haiti-is-interested-in-the-coffee-sector.html

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kiskeácity daily is out ! Edition of Friday, Jul. 15, 2011

Topics include Caribbean economic growth this year, the film When the Drum is beating about Orchestre Septentrional from Cap-Haitien, the Bill Clinton shelter scandal, Rebecca McKinnon's TED talk on taking back the internet and much more.


kiskeácity daily is out ! Edition of Wednesday, Jul. 13, 2011

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Wednesday, Jul. 13, 2011

Global Voices' citizen-powered site experiments with English-second » Nieman Journalism Lab » Pushing to the Future of Journalism

When Ethan Zuckerman and Rebecca MacKinnon created Global Voices in 2004, English was the language of the blogosphere. "A lot of the people who were using weblogs were writing in English even if it...


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kiskeácity daily is out ! Edition of Tuesday, Jul. 12, 2011

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Quote of the day ~ Haiti and White SUVs #UN #MINUSTAH

Caught in the comment section of The Guardian:

There must be more white landcruisers per head of the population in Haiti than in any other country except Dubai. All driven by local drivers ferrying their perpetually concerned UN official from air-conditioned office to air-conditioned villa to hold terribly worthy meetings with other folk who arrived in white air-conditoned land-cruisers.

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