Tweets of the Day 2/2/11 Peyi-a ap tann rezilta!

Tensions ran high on Twitter Djòl today. Election results have still not come out as we speak and tweeter's spent the day venting their anxieties and mulling over various scenarios.

Haiti based tweeters recorded their emotions and the unusual state of the streets of the capital:

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"Vive Salnave!": a Book on President Sylvain Salnave

Marcel Salnave is one of the early but short lived Haitian bloggers I covered while I was Francophonia Editor at Global Voices back in 2005.

He has asked me to brief you on his book Vive Salnave! about his ancestor Sylvain Salnave who was President of Haiti from 1867 to 1869.

Reviews: (Click on the screenshot to enlarge.)

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Tweets of the Day 2/1/11

Twitter Djòl today was abuzz with speculations about what will happen tomorrow when the CEP (Electoral Council) announces which of the three main candidates moves on to the second round. 

Stocking up on food ...

On a separate note, one of the three contenders to the second round of elections seems to have gone mad. The konpa music video he posts to illustrate his point seems to indicate he has way too much time on his hands at the eve of such a momentous date. (Click on the tweet below to access his post.)

Tweeters reacted in disbelief at the tweet, a familiar reaction to the content recently emanating from the website, youtube and twitter using the handle judecelestin10:

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