Legacy of 1804 on creativity hiatus in February

The first Legacy of 1804 show was held 10/4/2013 and I have played over 225 live episodes on just about every Friday night since. Friday nights are becoming harder and harder for me because of other commitments so I need some time to figure out what the new broadcasting schedule should look like or even if there are other formats to pursue. I also need a broadcasting vacation, i.e. a period of about a month or so to relax, rejuvenate and experiment, the best strategy to unleash one's creativity.

I will therefore be taking my first month off from live Friday night broadcasting in over 4 years starting tonight and plan to relish it.  I encourage you to check out old episodes if you miss our chatter and welcome feedback and suggestions about the show and what you would like to see on it or how you would like to see it evolve or change in the comment section. The more feedback I get from you, the more productive and creative my time off should be.

As I experiment, I may post excerpts of commentary on Haiti that I find interesting or even pre-recorded commentary on days other than Fridays so please continue to check periodically or sign up to get email updates! 

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Legacy of 1804 | Rale Eritye Papa Desalin sou Radyes Donald Trump kont Ayisyen

Nap difize Emisyon Eritye Papa Desalin pou Lendi 15 Janvye 2017 sou zafe sa Donald Trump te di sou imigran a 9e aswe-a.

Places to listen: Player below or at kiskeacity.com  | Phone: 714-242-6119 | BlogTalkRadio Link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/pancaribbean/2018/01/20/legacy-of-1804-rale-eritye-papa-desalin-sou-radyes-donald-trump-kont-ayisyen

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Legacy of 1804 | Wikipedia Day, Soup Joumou Challenge #LOF1804

Host: Alice 

Time: 9PM

Guests: Sherry Antoine, Afrocrowd on Wikipedia Day 2018 (Sunday at Ace Hotel NYC)  | Marcia Bois on Soup Joumou Challenge (Saturday in Queens)

Places to listen: Player below or at kiskeacity.com  | Phone: 714-242-6119 | BlogTalkRadio Link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/pancaribbean/2018/01/13/legacy-of-1804-wikipedia-day-soup-joumou-challenge-lof1804

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