Legacy of 1804- Eritaj 1804 sou Wikipedya Ayisyen #lof1804 #HaitiCROWD

Mwen te pase sou Radio Cacique Haiti pou mwen pale de teknoloji an Ayiti e de ansiklopedi anliy Wikipedya an Kreyòl Ayisyen. Mwen te pale tou de edit-a-thon HaitiCROWD ki pral fèt nan Brooklyn Public Library nan dat 14 Mas kap vini ak de konsèp crowdsourcing ki vle di konbit dijital. (Mwen te fè yon erè nan cho a lè li di HaitiCROWD se pral le 12 Mars. Vre dat la se le 14 a midi 30.)
Aswè-a a 9è30, map repase emisyon sa-a sou LOF1804. Men lyen pouw koute: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/belize/2015/02/28/legacy-of-1804-sou-wikipedya-ayisyen-lof1804-haiticrowd-1
Men kote pou ou RSVP pou HaitiCROWD nan 14 Mas: https://www.eventbrite.com/myevent?eid=15719507470

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Legacy of 1804 with Richard Louissaint, Winnie Siclait #LOF1804

 Join me tonight at 9PM as photographer Richard Louissaint tells us about his first trip ever to Haiti even though his parents have not returned in 40 years.

We will also get a visit from Winnie Siclait of Power Up, Kreyòl, a business plan competition put together by the Brooklyn Public Library.

Listen live or archived at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/belize/2015/02/21/legacy-of-1804-with-richard-louissaint-winnie-siclait-lof1804 or listen live at
(646) 716-8541.


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Legacy of 1804 with Zack Ethéart #LOF1804

Join me and Hans Roy tonight at 9PM as we interview Zachary Etheart, a Columbia University student who wrote the following  article about the policing of black students on the Columbia University campus at the height of the Black Lives Matter protests.


Zack Etheart is a writer and a student in his fourth and final year as an undergraduate at Columbia University. He has interned at The New York Times Magazine, Harper's Magazine, and Interview Magazine, as well as on the creative team at eyewear start-up Warby Parker. He covers art and politics, and is especially interested in film, fiction, radical activism, and fashion. He is majoring in race and ethnicity studies, and is planning to graduate in May 2015.

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Afrocrowd Livestream Feb 7th BPL #Afrocrowd @afrocrowdit

Afro Free Culture Crowdsourcing Wikimedia (AfroCROWD), is a new initiative which seeks to increase the number of people of African Descent who actively partake in the Wikimedia and free knowledge, culture and software movements. The workshops are open to all Afrodescendants including but not limited to individuals who self-identify as African, African-American, Afro-Latino, Biracial, Black, Black-American, Caribbean, Garifuna, Haitian or West Indian.

Find out more at www.afrocrowd.org.

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Legacy of 1804 on Anténor Firmin with Dr. Célucien Joseph #LOF1804

Join me tonight at 9PM as I discuss the life and legacy of Anténor Firmin, father of Panafricanism, with guest Dr. Célucien Joseph.

Listen live at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/belize/2015/01/31/legacy-of-1804-on-antnor-firmin-with-dr-clucien-joseph-lof1804 or on the phone at 646-716-8541. You can listen to past shows on iTunees by searching keywords 'Legacy of 1804'. Past shows are also available at http://www.kiskeacity.com/search/label/LOF1804.

On Twitter: react to or ask questions by using the hashtag #LOF1804

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Legacy of 1804 Haiti News and Blog Review #LOF1894

Join me tonight to go over the latest Haiti News with co-host Hans Roy. If you have been confused by the Parliamentary crisis in Haiti, you will hopefully be less confused after this show as we plan to break it down.

Listen at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/pancaribbean/2015/01/24/legacy-of-1804-haiti-news-blog-review-lof1804 or (714) 242-6119. Use the hashtag #LOF1804 to interact.

Articles discussed:

Martelly dédouane la CI de ses responsabilités dans la crise http://elsie-news.over-blog.com/2015/01/martelly-dedouane-la-ci-de-ses-responsabilites-dans-la-crise.html

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Legacy of 1804 with Marian Douglas-Ungaro #LOF1804 #AfroAmericas

Join me tonight as Marian Douglas-Ungaro joins us to discuss the International Decade of People of African Descent, the United Nations in Haiti and topics related to Afrodescendants.

Marian Douglas-Ungaro is a Black American woman writer and "semi-public Intellectual." A native of Washington, DC, she is a broadcast journalist and international consultant in elections and human rights who has worked in international CIVILIAN (NON-military) election and human rights missions in countries in the Americas (including Haiti) and also in former Yugoslavia. She is the founder of AFROAMERICAS, a 501(c)3 non-profit organisation working for real recognition, justice, and grassroots development for the Afrodescendant People of the Americas. Currently focused on implementing, observing, and celebrating the International Decade for People of African Descent, 2015-2024. She speaks and works in five (5) languages.

Listen live at  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/pancaribbean/2015/01/17/legacy-of-1804-with-marian-douglas-ungaro-afroamericas-lof1804 or at  714-242-6119 (live only). Please note that this call-in number is new and that the old one will no longer work.


Links of documents discussed:
Vienna Declaration - Published Version http://ht.ly/HvewS
International Decade for People of African Descent http://ht.ly/HvezQ

We also discussed the contradiction between the  United Nations blue helmets' human rights abuses and negligence in Haiti and elsewhere and its International Decade for People  African Descent.

Check the #LOF1804 hashtag for some live tweeting.

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