Legacy of 1804 | Haiti News & Blog Review 09.15.17 #LOF1804

Host: Alice Backer

Time: 9PM

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Legacy of 1804 | Haiti News & Blog Review 09.08.2017

Host: Alice Backer

Guest: Dahoud Andre, Eritye Papa Desalin Radio Show, Radyo Pa Nou

Time: 9PM

Topics: General Amnesty campaign by Komokoda | Reginald Castel Deportation case | Irma in Haiti | Daniella Bien-Aime's Haiti Trip Notes

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Legacy of 1804 | Haiti News & Blog Review 09.01.2017 #LOF1804

Host: Alice Backer

Co-Host: Hugues Girard

Time: 9PM

Topics: 10,000 Gdes Tax on the Diaspora | The arrest of insider Dr. Joe Baptiste of NOAH | Fired Social Affairs minister and school kit scandal

Places to listen: Player below or at kiskeacity.com  | Phone: 714-242-6119 | BlogTalkRadio Link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/pancaribbean/2017/09/02/legacy-of-1804-haiti-news-blog-review-09012017-lof1804 

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Legacy of 1804 | Haiti News & Blog Review 8.18.2017 #LOF1804

Host: Alice Backer

Time: 10:30 PM (NOT 9PM tonight!)

Topics: Jean-Paul James case in Brooklyn | Updates on Bwa Kayiman celebrations in Brooklyn and Cuba last weekend | Latest on Haitians in Canada including Fatima Oriol case

Places to listen: Player below | Phone: 714-242-6119 | BlogTalkRadio Link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/pancaribbean/2017/08/19/legacy-of-1804-haiti-news--blog-review-8182017-lof1804


We discussed the case of Jean-Paul James, Haitian man who shot and killed a man in Brooklyn in an apparent act of self-defense and was arrested on his way to a flight. We got an update on Bwa Kayiman commemorations in Brooklyn and among Haitian descendants in Cuba.Most importantly, we revisited recent Haitian migrants in Canada and their prospects as Canada seems to be slowing down their movement to larger cities. Also, what was the Haitian government delegation really doing in Canada? Potential collaboration with Canadian authorities in anticipation of eventual deportations? Note the case of Fatima Oriol whose deportation appears imminent despite her integration into Canadian life, working as a nurse and volunteering. She was hoping to reunite with her 4 children and husband in Canada but that may not pan out. On the topic of children, what will happen to those left behind in the US by parents who are now seeking asylum in Canada? Hugues Girard proposes that the Haitian community in the States do its best to be the main foster care recipients of those children if need be.
Links promised during show:

Radio Canada Story on Fatima Oriol:

Full Bwa Kayiman interview with Dr. Jerry Gilles from 2014:


Legacy of 1804 | Bwa Kayiman Anniversary #LOF1804 #Haiti

Host: Alice Backer

Time: 10:15PM (sorry for the change in time tonight)

Guests (all pre-recorded): Dahoud André (tentative) | Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Gilles

Topic: Bwa Kayiman and various celebrations of its anniversary in New York this weekend.

Listen live or archived right here at kiskeacity.com at the player below http://www.blogtalkradio.com/pancaribbean/2017/08/12/legacy-of-1804-bwa-kayiman-anniversary-lof1804. You can also listen to the live broadcast at 714-242-6119.

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Legacy of 1804 | Haiti News & Blog Review | 08.04.17 #LOF1804

Time: 9PM-11PM

Tentative Topics: Undocumented Haitians in the US cross the border to Canada | Chinese Electricity Project in Haiti: Fake or Take?

Listen live or archived right here at kiskeacity.com at the player below http://www.blogtalkradio.com/pancaribbean/2017/08/05/legacy-of-1804-haiti-news-blog-review-080417-lof1804. You can also listen to the live broadcast at 714-242-6119.

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We listened to an Eritye Papa Desalin radio show clip interviewing someone who has made the trip from Haiti to Brazil to the US to Canada. Then we were joined by Frantz André and Jennie-Laure Sully, frequent correspondents from Montréal, who helped us put the trajectory in context, including local authorities' decision to open up an Olympic stadium with a capacity of 60,000 to the new arrivals. They also explained the process facing the new arrivals who will likely be undergoing a hearing at some point down the line to apply for asylum/refugee status. Although Canada is being more welcoming to many of the migrants than the US has been, Frantz cautioned against being overly optimistic regarding their ultimate plight in Canada.  He explained that Fatima Oriol, a Haitian woman who was on Canada's version of temporary protected status for 4 years is on the verge of being deported despite being very well integrated. Jennie and Frantz also explained that Canadian authorities turn the processing of new arrivals over to Haitian organizations but without providing adequate resources. In Frantz's words, given  the current mayor of Montréal Denis Coderre's need for votes from the heavy Haitian population of North Montréal, his motivations may be "more electoral than humanitarian."

In the second hour, Hugues Girard expressed doubt at whether a recent HuffPo article about China investing in Haitian infrastructure projects can be trusted. Daniella Bien-Aimé who wrote an article on the topic two years ago on her blog the Bien-Aimé Post also called to weigh in.

We listened to music by Buyu Ambroise, Misty Jean and Paul Beaubrun.


Legacy of 1804 | Haiti News & Blog Review | Race and Class in Haiti, 3 Deaths #LOF1804

 Time: 9PM-11PM

Tentative Topics: Class in Haiti with Pascal Robert |  Jean Refuse remembers the late Claude Pierre, member of Akademi Kreyol Ayisyen (Haitian Creole Academy)

Listen live or archived right here at kiskeacity.com at the player below http://www.blogtalkradio.com/pancaribbean/2017/07/29/legacy-of-1804-haiti-news-blog-review-lof1804. You can also listen to the live broadcast at 714-242-6119.

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In the first segment we heard Pascal Robert discuss color and class in Haiti, the grandon, creole v. African-born blacks during the Haitian revolution, what distinguishes Black nationalism in the US from Haitian or Nigerian nationalism.

Then we heard a clip I recorded at an event commemorating the lives of the late Claude Pierre, Serge Legagneur and Jean- Claude Fignolé, all of whom died in the past 2 months. In the clip Jean Refuse remembers Claude Pierre and his activism on behalf of Akademi Kreyòl Ayisyen. 

 Lastly, we went over the latest Miami Herald article on cholera victims in Haiti demanding compensation from the UN.