kiskeácity daily is out ! Editions of Sunday, Nov. 27 and Monday, Nov. 28, 2011 #Haiti



Topics include the upcoming FANM fundraiser in Miami, poetry and history event at the NY Historical Society on January 12, Metro News for last Friday, Digicel Stars 2011's likely winner (VIDEO), the Fanal New Year's tradition in Haiti and renewed allegations of funny accounting at Wyclef Jean's charity.


"Kaleb" at Haiti Cultural Exchange Film Fest last weekend #PHOTOS #VIDEO

This film by Kervans Barthelemy starring Atibon Nazaire and Caroline Memnon was greeted by a standing ovation at the HCX filmfest at LIU's Brooklyn campus last weekend. HCX executive director Régine Roumain said it was the only film at the festival dealing with the Haitian diaspora experience and one of the best attended. It is hard to believe that filmmaker Kervans Barthelemy is only 25 as this work is going to have a major impact. Cast and crew were all present at the screening and were asked to stand up.

Other films included Children of Haiti for which I moderated the Q&A,  Moloch Tropical by Raoul Peck, When the Drum Is Beating which aired at the opening night fundraiser, Jean Gentil, Gospel of the Creole Pig, various Jacmel-based Ciné Institute student pieces and Arnold Antonin's latest work. View the festival's program and film details  here.

There are two Kaleb trailers but my favorite is this one:

Visit www.kalebthemovie.com for more.

HCX exec director Régine Roumain embraces Atibon Nazaire. Kervans Barthelemy is to the left.


kiskeácity daily is out ! Commented edition for Saturday, Nov. 26, 2011 #Haiti #FNE #Belizaire #Army


Topics include Martelly's National Education Fund, Thierry Mayard-Paul and the Bélizaire affair, Haitian-Americans United for Hope's upcoming gala in Baldwin, NY.

Metro News offers a segment of Martelly's speech to the nation on his desire to move on from the Bélizaire debacle, an interview with ex-General Acédius Saint-Louis on  misconceptions about the role of Haiti's army in past coup d'états, more on cholera and a car giveaway by Delimart.


kiskeácity daily is out ! Commented edition for Friday, Nov. 25, 2011 #Haiti #Blogs


From the blogs

CaribJournal interviews Farah Larrieux, who hosts the TV Show Haiti Journal in Florida.

Culture509 chronicles Haitian singer Jean Jean Roosevelt's successful Guadeloupe tour.

Kreyolicious profiles Brooklyn-born actor Frantz St.Louis.

Le Coin de Pierre deplores the Bélizaire debacle given the experience of all the actors involved.


Martelly wants a blank slate after Bélizaire crisis.

New campus for State University of Haiti.

kiskeácity daily is out ! Commented edition for Thursday, Nov. 24, 2011



Forum held by Prime Minister on future of Port-au-Prince. (HPN)

From the Blogs

Love Haiti deplores Martelly's lack of diplomacy in his efforts to recreate the army, emphasizing signs of US disapproval while Réseau Citadelle highlights that when Aristide demobilized FADH in the 90s he vowed to create an alternate defense force. 

Jean-Came Poulard advocates for citizen responsibility on Dièz ak Bémol.

The Bibliothèques sans Frontières blog provides an update on digital librarian training at BNUEH.

Vague du Futur (a Fokal project) has updates on youth leadership training in Côte-Plage and the club's participation in the upcoming Quatre Chemins theatre festival in P-au-P.


Metro News for Tuesday headlines justice minister Josué Pierre-Louis's resignation, Toussaint Louverture airport anti-seismic renovation, the prime minister's Port-au-Prince reconstruction forum and Henfrasa in Delmas' need for evacuation.


kiskeácity daily is out ! Commented edition for Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2011 #Haiti



Parliament demands Martelly apology for Bélizaire debacle.
International conference in Cap-Haitian about MINUSTAH withdrawal. (Alterpresse)  (My most retweeted post today!)

Arts and Culture
Theater fest organized by Fokal.
Haitian recycled art exhibit  in Paris.

From the blogs
Ilio Durandis on volunteering in Léogane. (CaribJournal)

Miss Haiti has a reunion in New York with Miss Universe (Angola) and Miss Jamaica.
Monday's Metro News  with a focus on Martelly's latest declarations on the creation of a new defense force and reactions by MOCHRENA and former general Assédius Saint-Louis. (See below.)
More Digicel Stars.

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Don't miss Haiti Film Fest Nov. 18 - 20 in Brooklyn

The Opening night gala will benefit Haiti Cultural Exchange which brings us free cultural events such as the recent Pwezi Anba Tonèl year round. 


I'll be chairing the panel for the Children of Haiti screening on Sunday.

Long Island University: Brooklyn Campus in the Spike Lee Screening Room (Entrance on Dekalb Avenue and Hudson Street)
1 University Plaza,Brooklyn, NY 11201 (Google Map)
Subway: 2,3,4,5 to Nevins Street Station. B, M, Q, R to DeKalb Avenue Station. A, C, G to Hoyt Schermerhorn Street Station.

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Jamaica For Sale Screening in NYC This Thursday

I saw this film  by Esther Figueroa last year and it is a cautionary tale for Haiti. Please let's prevent this from happening to Jacmel or any other towns being singled out for tourism. Make sure you see the film. 

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kiskeácity daily is out ! Commented edition for Sunday, Nov. 06, 2011 #Haiti #Bélizaire


Today's edition is all videos. The two on the Bélizaire affair are below and contain commentary by parliament members Latortue and Joazil and by Manigat as well as Senator Benoît's rant about President Martelly's disregard for the rule of law. He refers to him as Sweet Micky adding "Carnival is in February!". 

Télé Image Spécial Bélizaire

Spécial Bélizaire - Benoît v. Sweet Micky

Other videos are:

  • Carel Pèdre showcasing the various apple products with which he broadcasts his radio show from home. 
  • Spot for Ralph Thamar's concert in P-au-P on Nov. 11.
  • Metro Newz for Thursday mostly on the Bélizaire affair. (Click on YouTube in Headlines Section.) 

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kiskeácity daily is out ! Commented edition for Friday, Nov. 4 and Saturday, Nov. 05, 2011



Bélizaire affair

Both editions contain multiple articles on the Belizaire arrest. I would highlight that apparently, Martelly, having left the country during the crisis that ensued after the arrest, is now disavowing responsibility for it. Bélizaire has been released, the Minister of Justice's job threatened and deputies and senators are striking back with various investigations.

Blogger reactions are varied and appear in Friday's edition:

Diaspora events in NY


Barbados ranks highest in Human Development Index in Caribbean. (CaribJournal, see in Saturday Ed.)
Double Nationality issues for Jamaican deputy. (CaribJournal, see in Friday Ed.)
Society for Caribbean Studies Conference coming up. (Saturday Ed.)

Other Haiti news

One death this morning in PV. (Saturday Ed.)
Martelly and army plans. (Saturday Ed.)
Terrible conditions for many incarcerated without judgment. (Saturday Ed.)
Darbonne Vague du Future Club. (Saturday Ed.)

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Haiti Day at the New York Historical Society 11/12

(Flyer may not be visible to those receiving via email. Please visit www.kiskeacity.com to view.)

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