Global Voices Got a Makeover!

Check out the new Global Voices site. The redesign was launched on Monday. The site is much airier and more streamlined. The front page has less content which means that you will have to go look for what you want in the country, author and topic "shelves". Georgia sums up the changes. Here is the Americas page. And here is my new page.


Crossing Bridges

Harlem Poetry Night 001

So I was quiet on this blog for a whole week. That doesn't mean I didn't take in sights and sounds worth sharing. For instance, I the consummate Brooklynite got to venture up to Harlem for a special poetry/performance art open mike, at the legendary St Nick's Pub no less. The event, St. Nick's Pub Down and Dirty Talent Extravaganza, (yeah, a mouthful) takes place there on Thursday nights. I had to get dragged up there ... but it was worth it. See for yourself. I posted the pictures and annotated them for you on Flickr.

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Back to India: My Delhi Travel Tips

You may or may not remember my blogging about GVDelhi2006, Global Voices' annual summit which took place in India last December. It was a wonderful experience for which I still have unpublished pictures but just as I was forgetting I still owed them to the blog and to the world, GV colleague Khamla Batt posted a video chat she had with me during the conference on her blog If You Go To. In it, I rave about the markets and the shawls that I spent much time praising here but also talk about taxi cab woes... You may not care but I think this is some sort of debut for me. Yep, video debut. :-)

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Vagina Monologues in Creole Photos

VaginaMonologuesCreole 074

I've been meaning to share pictures of the V-Day Vagina Monologues in Creole event that I attended at the Brooklyn Museum on March 17th. Here they are. The event was organized by Dwa Fanm and featured Monologues author Eve Ensler and Edwidge Danticat, among other wonderful performers. I will come back with highlights as soon as I get a chance. For now I'm annotating the pictures in Flickr so you can know who's who. Enjoy!

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