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I've shared the following links of various interventions I have made while in Haiti  on Twitter but I thought I'd consolidate them in one post:


Vidéo: L'artiste Siméon Evans sur Bill Drummond et l'après-séisme

J'ai déjà affiché cette vidéo en Créole sur Twitter et sur ma nouvelle page Youtube hier mais voici une version sous-titrée en Français via dotSUB:

(Il y a aussi une version Anglaise.)

L'ébéniste Siméon Evans parle de la fresque réalisée par l'artiste Britannique Bill Drummond au Ghetto Biennial 2010, une manifestation qui s'est déroulée à la Grand Rue à Port-au-Prince. J'ai demandé à M. Evans de nous parler des effets du séisme sur les artistes de la communauté. Il estime que la fresque de Bill Drummond préconisait le séisme du 12 Janvier. La fresque est annotée "Imagine si on jou ou leve epi pa gen mizik". ("Imagine de te réveiller un jour à un monde sans musique.")

Amy Wilentz, une journaliste américaine qui figure dans la vidéo, est venue de l'Oloffson avec Georgia Popplewell et moi pour rencontrer les artistes. 

Voici une photo de la fresque de Bill Drummond.

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Video: Artist Siméon Evans on Bill Drummond & life after Haiti earthquake

I posted this in Creole on Twitter and on my brand new YouTube page yesterday but here is a version subtitled in English through dotSUB:

(French is available on dotSUB as well.)

Furniture maker Siméon Evans talks about mural British artist Bill Drummond drew at 2010 Ghetto Biennial located on Grand Rue in Port-au-Prince. I asked Evans about the effects of the earthquake on artists in the community. Evans believes Bill Drummond's mural foresaw the earthquake. The mural contains the words "Imagine si demen pa gen mizik". ("Imagine there is no music tomorrow.)

The other journalist present is Amy Wilentz who took the ride with Georgia Popplewell and I from the Oloffson.

I did a small photo post showing Bill Drummond's mural and its translation here.


Bill Drummond mural at Ghetto Biennial in Port-Au-Prince

Ghetto Biennial, Grand Rue, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Mural says "imagine you wake up tomorrow and all music has ended."

Siméon Evans, an artist at the colony, thinks this mural foresaw the earthquake. Video soon.


Haiti disaster and Dom Rep economy- a significant proportion of the other Santo Domingo Hotel guests were in transit to or from Haiti. Haiti disaster is certainly and predictably stimulating the Dominican tourism industry while the Haitian airport is closed. Drivers, car rentals all getting a little extra business.

Preparing for trip to Haiti with Beethov!

Headed to P-A-P by road from Santo Domingo shortly.

Georgia (Popplewell from Global Voices) my tripmate and I spent the whole evening last night singing and listening to Beethova Obas songs and practicing her Creole. She loves the "si ti nèg lonje kwi deban biwo loni" line! Not to mention "ou se papa lanfè anba drapo lisifè".

Georgia also had a blast with a kreyòl manual called "Kote pa gen doktè" learning things like how to tell people to move one finger rather than two. I know, silly. But all the laughs helped learn some creole I'm sure. She knows more about medical emergency creole than I do now!

She plans on recording a podcast on the road. We'll be talking about what it's like for me to return to Haiti after 5 years in this unlikely circumstance...

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