Video: Artist Siméon Evans on Bill Drummond & life after Haiti earthquake

I posted this in Creole on Twitter and on my brand new YouTube page yesterday but here is a version subtitled in English through dotSUB:

(French is available on dotSUB as well.)

Furniture maker Siméon Evans talks about mural British artist Bill Drummond drew at 2010 Ghetto Biennial located on Grand Rue in Port-au-Prince. I asked Evans about the effects of the earthquake on artists in the community. Evans believes Bill Drummond's mural foresaw the earthquake. The mural contains the words "Imagine si demen pa gen mizik". ("Imagine there is no music tomorrow.)

The other journalist present is Amy Wilentz who took the ride with Georgia Popplewell and I from the Oloffson.

I did a small photo post showing Bill Drummond's mural and its translation here.

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