kiskeácity daily is out ! Edition of Tuesday, Jul. 26, 2011


Lots on Creole whether Haitian (Boston Globe), Jamaican (from the blog of Annie Paul) or Swiss-German;  more on Martelly and the CIRH as well as his tourism week tour, his visit to the North where he was attacked and the parliamentary/prime minister crisis including a plea by members of French parliament and Haitian industrialists to reach a consensus; death of a deputy. Nafissatou Diallo's first public appearance caught my eye as well.

The interesting blog posts are under the #Haiti tag. Topics include: Creoles and education in Haiti, Jamaica and Switzerland, a view of P-au-P, library updates by the Bibliothèques sans Frontières blog, upcoming Port-au-Prince arts and entertainment events including a conference on Jean Price-Mars as well as a letter by Haitians in Guadeloupe decrying the Haitian consulate there and OGLHaiti's upcoming radio show on the Haitian environment.

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