Of Haitian coffee

Of Haitian Coffee:
(1) Café Forêt des Pins Bleus :
The Café Forêt des Pins Bleus comes from the best coffee producing region of Haiti called Thiotte (where is also the headquarters of COOPCAB), in south-east. Coffee is grown at an altitude of 1.300 to 1.350 meters. The infusion is characterized by an aroma and a superb fragrance, balanced acidity, a round body and a good aftertaste. All grains are dried in the sun, which explains their bluish color. The Café de la Forêt des Pins Bleus, is considered by connoisseurs in Italy, as the best coffee for espresso.

(2) Café Marre Blanche :
This coffee comes from the region bearing the same name in the mountains of south-east of Haiti. It is cultivated at an altitude of 1.400 meters and has a strong aroma with citrus flavors and a grassy aftertaste. The Green beans of Marre Blanche were the best sellers, on the Japanese market in 2009. The infusion has a wonderful aroma and a strong fragrance and good acidity and a round body. The Café Marre Blanche, without added sugar because of its natural sweetness, is appreciated by connoisseurs.

(3) Kafé Gwo Chwal :
Gwo Chwal (Creole for "Big Horse") comes from the region of the same name, in the West Department of Haiti. Like the other coffee of COOPCAB, this coffee is dried in the sun. Kafe Gwo Chwal grows at an altitude of 1.500 to 1.600 meters. This is probably the best gourmet coffee from Haiti. The tasting of Gwo Chwal was a delight for the international community because of its beautiful fragrance, its complex aroma and a lemony aftertaste. This coffee has good acidity and a round body.

Wondering which of these varieties Rebo, my favorite packaged coffee, is made of. Would it be #2, the sweet one? :-)

Source:  http://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-3378-haiti-economy-the-us-embassy-in-haiti-is-interested-in-the-coffee-sector.html

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Nadève said...

Good question re Rebo -- It's my favorite, too!

Alice B. said...

Glad I'm not the only Rebo fan. I hear that the almost home made coffee you get directly from the market women that they grind themselves (or that you grind and mix at home) is even better. It's on my checklist of things to check out soon.