If the Haitian Diaspora were a country, it would be Uruguay

Excerpt from How Can We Use the Skills and Capital of the Diaspora from the SolutionHaiti blog: 

The vast majority of college-educated Haitians are overseas and many of them are very well-connected in their host countries.  The economic potential is enormous.  3 million Haitians (probaby closer to 4) that hold $50 000 in equity in their homes (probably higher) currently hold (excluding savings or any other investments or holdings) $ 150 billion in real estate.  3 million Haitians that make $ 20 000 in income for example represent a $ 45 billion market, per year.  This is about 10 times the size of the entire local Haitian economy.  To put this in perspective, if the diaspora were a country, it would be Uruguay which  has about 3.5 million people and an economy worth $ 40 billion.  Panama has a similar population and is about half that economically. 

Full post: http://www.solutionhaiti.org/2011/finance/diaspora-skills-capital

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