kiskeácity daily is out ! Commented edition for Thursday, Sep. 15, 2011 #Haiti #Minustah #DigicelStars


From the blogs

  • Sonje Ayiti shares Donna Karan's latest collection, which is supposedly inspired by Haiti. Renowned Haitian painter Philippe Dodard provided some consulting on the collection. But as Nadine Mondestin (@zeklearts) wrote me: "Nice collection. Don't see the Haiti. Haiti is so not earth tones." Couldn't agree more. This collection is yet another indication that Haiti is the hot cause marketing trend. Bleh.

  • Vague du Futur, a Fokal  and Droits et Democratie sponsored youth leadership project, blogs the ins and outs of its 2011 summer camp in Hinche.

  • Love Haiti argues that Bill Clinton is Haiti's real president while Martelly is merely a lame duck puppet. 


The 9 videos included in this edition make it quite media heavy. Yesterday was that kind of a day on Haitian YouTube!

  • Blogger and radio talk show Carel Pedre's channel (PedreCarel) has been posting segments of his TV show Digicel Stars. In today's media section, you will find 3 clips  of the Cap-Haitien and Gonaïves contests but feel free to peruse the channel which offers many more segments. The judges (Man Lolo a.k.a. Marie-Laurence Jocelyn Lassègue, Alex Abellard and Michael Benjamin) and contestants alike are hilarious and the following clip is the funniest I have seen this season:

In the news

  • Anti-MINUSTAH demo in Champ de Mars yesterday quelled by Haitian police. (HPN, Headlines section.)

Photo by Etant Dupain of Champ de Mars demo yesterday.

  • Former military march in Delmas. (HPN, Headlines section) 

  • If two marches were not enough in one day, pro-Martelly demonstrators demanded delegate positions promised by their candidate. (Alterpresse, Headlines section.) 

  • And more including the PM crisis and catty assertions against Angolan Miss Universe Leila Lopes by Miss France.  

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