kiskeácity daily is out ! Edition of Tuesday, Sep. 13 and Wednesday, Sep.14, 2011 #Haiti #diaspora



  • Lovely Boston Haitian Reporter article on young diaspora Haitians returning to Haiti to live and work, a trend I had noticed a while back.

  • Miss Universe pageant over with Miss Angola the big winner. Panama wins best national costume. (Google, Le Nouvelliste, Blog Carel la))

  • The tragedy of 10 Haitians dead at sea while attempting to reach the Turks and Caicos Islands. (HPN) 

  • Former Jamaican PM P.J. Patterson joins Haiti Investment Council. (Caribbean Journal)

  • Brazil asks UN security council to withdraw 15% of troops. (HPN)

  • And more on PM designate Gary Conille.


Miss Haiti (@anedie01)'s goodbye video on the bus back from the pageant, the only item in today's edition of the paper :

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