kiskeácity daily is out ! Editions of Sunday, Sep. 11 and Monday, Sep. 12, 2011


  • New book on the Haitian Spiralists (Franketienne, Philoctète) by Kaiama Glover. 
  • Book signing for Jean-Max Calvin's Hors du Bleu coming up Sep. 25 in Uniondale, NY. 
  • Cardicis3 Daily has become Cardicis3 Weekly. (Cardicis is a technology foundation and think tank dedicated to Caribbean integration and Caribbean linguistic diversity.) 

  • PM Letter scandal: Two articles on how some in Martelly's entourage tried to make the PM designate sign a letter promising to resign in case of disagreement with the president. (Radio Kiskeya, InfoHaiti.net.)
  • More prizes for Dany Laferriere's book The Return. 

From and about the blogs

  • My article on Haitians' online reactions to UN rape scandal in French on Global Voices en Français. English version here.
  • Caribbean journal interview with one of Digicel's top executives. 


And more!

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