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UN Rape Scandal
  • Youth who leaked video receiving threats. (HPN) FR
  • Uruguay apologizes. (Radio Kiskeya, BBC) FR, EN
  • More and more talk of withdrawal of UN troops and specifically Brazil explicitely mobilizing for withdrawal, saying mission has run its course. FR
  • Big decision day on the future of MINUSTAH  tomorrow as relevant authorities from several South American countries meet on the topic. (Haiti Libre) FR 
  • Four perpetrators repatriated. (HPN) FR

From blogs and social media

MediaHacker interviews the two youth who managed to capture the UN rape video via bluetooth and leaked it to media. EN

Vague du Futur blog announces an exhibit of photographs of students from Francophone countries at the FOKAL offices in Port-au-Prince co-sponsored by Agence Universitaire Francophone (AUF). (Arts and entertainment tab) FR

www.culture509.com highlights 20 years of cooperation between Jacmel and french city Strasbourg. FR

Haiti-based Jean-Marc Tribié (@jmtribie on Twitter) posted the below picture of plywood being transported by foot in Bourdon. 

Plywood. #Bourdon #Haiti on Twitpic

Other topics 

  • Judicious editiorial in NYT by Haitian writer Isabelle Dupuy on the explosion of disaster tourism to Haiti and its translation in French by HPN. (EN in Society tab and FR in Headlines) 
  • Soccer victory against Curaçao. (#Footbal tab) FR
  • Jacmel's recovery a success. (Google) EN
  • Haitian youth on their way to South America targeted by traffickers.(HPN) FR 
  • Dominican president meets with UN representative on Haitian refugees and stateless Dominicano-Haitians. (Dominican Today) EN 
  • And more!

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