Canvas for Bernie Sanders in Haitian hotspot Canarsie, Brooklyn!

Here are a few opportunities to Bernie-canvas Haitian hotspot Canarsie with former LOF1804 guest Garleen St.Germain of Team Bernie NY. She'll be canvassing near/around there this week. Here are the links to her events:

1. Canarsie- Wednesday 4/6 6pm-8pm

2. Canarsie-Friday 4/8, 6pm-8pm

3. Flatlands- Sunday 4/10, 11am-1pm

Or if you'd like to set up your own canvassing event in a Haitian community, Canarsie is definitely a must!

I will likely join Garleen on Sunday.

It's super easy to do after downloading the MiniVan app on your phone. Instructions will be provided.

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