Legacy of 1804 on HaitianAllStarz Radio discussing Bernie, Hillary, Trump #LOF1804

 Join me tonight at 9PM as I broadcast my passage on Dj Hard Hittin Harry's Haitian All Starz show last tuesday for Women's History Month.

Of course there was TONS of music punctuating the chat with Harry and Jordine Dorcé, formerly of Essence. Ayinsko also joined in along with a few (sometimes wacky) callers.

We discussed my favorite topic these days i.e. the Clintons and Haiti, Bernie Sanders, Farrakhan and Donald Trump. 

If you would like to canvas for Bernie Sanders with me this Saturday in Brooklyn, please go here.

The link to live stream or post cast will be posted here shortly. You can also listen on the phone at (714) 242-6119.


I'm not actually able to upload the show for broadcasting. Sorry. Still troubleshooting.  Please play it directly at:  https://www.mixcloud.com/HaitianAllStarZ/haitian-all-starz-wbai-995-fm-episode-13-3-30-16-alice-backer-jodine-drumlanguage/

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