Legacy of 1804 Haiti Media Watch 4-8-16 #LOF1804

Join  guest co-host Hugues Girard and I tonight (Friday)  as we hash out our Wall of Shame of clips and articles on Haiti and Haitians by otherwise acclaimed Western journalists -- as well as highlight the good. This is as much about the stories as about the way they are handled by the spinmeisters of Western mainstream  or even "independent" media. 

Here are some of the pieces we'll be dissecting tonight:


When Hillary Chose the President | 2016 | OZY http://ht.ly/10shDB 9

How Hillary Clinton Undercut Haitian Workers — Medium http://ht.ly/10shLc 

Leaked Report Reveals Unsanitary Conditions At UN Bases During Haitian Cholera Epidemic - The Real News http://ht.ly/10shNM

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