South Beach, FL 2006

South Beach, FL
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I haven't been as loquacious as usual in the past week and that is because I was off fulfilling a pleasure of a family obligation in the South Beach sun(rise). If you think it was all fun and games, preparing for the above caused me to miss out on this bit of fun in equally dreamy Trinidad, another corner of the West Atlantic Cosmos. Can't have all...


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Anonymous said...

I grew up in Orlando and tried to get down to Miami whenever I could. I loved South Beach (glitzy and insane as it came sometimes be). What a gorgeous sunset. Have fun on your vacation!

Anonymous said...

PS - I like the site redesign :-)

Alice B. said...

Thanks Jen! I wish I were still there. :-P

Alice B. said...

oops and that's a sun-rise strange as it seems. the affair i attended was a sun-rise wedding. :-)