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World Cup Fever in Port-au-Prince; Wycleff Jean to Represent in Music
Alterpresse (Fr)telegraphed the temperature of the capital in anticipation of the World Cup:

Everywhere in the Haitian capital, people are sporting the flags of any of 32 soccer World Cup teams. (...) Sports competitions offer local business big and small a boost. Flags, t-shirts, bracelets, telephone laces and other accessories symbolizing the best known teams can be seen anywhere in the capital. T-shirts for certain popular teams are in high demand and stores are readily stocked with them. (...) Revenues of sellers of electronics such as TVs and radios have increased in the past couple of weeks. (...) Unfortunately Haiti has not been able to replicate the promise of 1974 when she upset Dino Zoff's Italian team. However, all is not lost for the Caribbean nation which will be represented in music by Wycleff Jean. The world reknown Haitian star will sing a duet with Colombian Shakirah on July 9, to close the international championship.

Upcoming Jazz Tour, Renaudot Literary Prize and Haitian-American Jesus in Cannes
AlterPresse reported that an upcoming jazz tour sponsored by the Mexican and French embassies in Haiti will visit three Haitian cities and feature Mexican jazz musician Alfonso Medina, Haitian drummer Joel Widmaer and French bass player Pascale Monier. The Haitian newsfeed announced also that Haitian writer Danny Laferriere is being considered for the prestigious Renaudot literary prize which was awarded Haitian Rene Depestre over 10 years ago. AlterPresse added that a Haitian-American filmmaker Jean-Claude Lamarre presented his film Color of the Cross at the Cannes Film Festival on May 25 and 26. In the film, Jesus is black.

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