Soccer, Cyber Cafes, Drowning Migrants and more

  • Democracy Now interviews Ethan Zuckerman about Global Voices. Among other things, he discusses some of yours truly's recent coverage of the DRC and Senegal and how it fits into the bigger picture of what GV is doing. (See my recent GV story on online reactions by Senegalese to reports of drowning migrants.)
  • Latest in the Francophone Caribbean Blogosphere, by yours truly on GV. (Haitians invited to represent a little more, here. For a community with so many websites, message boards and listserves, those of us who are mostly francophone have a poor showing on the blogosphere.)
  • Caribbean Free Radio interviews participants at this year's Caribbean Studies Association Conference in T&T on the topic "What does the Word Caribbean Mean to You?" Lots of stimulating free flowing thoughts and hundreds of ways to see one region...
  • Excerpts from Didier's (a haitian student of mathematics who has been living in North Carolina for 6 years) report on his return home after 7 years. On soccer:
    It was great to be in a country that cares about football. There have been entire new sport shows dedicated to analysing every team’s composition and strategy. As the kickoff to the first match approaches, debates are getting more and more heated. Most Haitians are “Brazilians” (ie, Brazil fans), but there’s an healthy amount of fans of the usual suspects in South American and European. football
    On Internet cafes:
    Cybercafes are a booming business here. I counted 2 in my neighborhood and several other ones in the city.
  • Trini blogger Taran Rampersad on Caricom's lack of responsiveness to the latest floods in Suriname.
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm very interested in Didier's comments. In the Caribbean, we hear so little about Haiti, and I am lacking weblogs on the Caribbean Blog List from Haiti. :-(

What you may find amusing is that while Suriname did not get any help from CARICOM...

CARICOM is in Indonesia after the earthquake. Why? Ahh. Glad you asked, because I was about to.