Legacy of 1804 | CNN's Vodou Documentary | Was it a Hack Job? #LOF1804

This Friday night at 9PM, join a manbo, an ordained minister, a philosopher and me for a spirited discussion about CNN's recent documentary on Haitian vodou

9-9:30  > Pawol ak Mizik Opening segment: Paul Beaubrun on being a Beaubrun, the state of the mizik rasin, his tour with Lauryn Hill, his latest album and his future plans

9:30 - 11 > Guests for vodou discussion: GwetoDe Manbo Fabiola Abellard | Dr. Celucien Joseph, ordained minister and theologian| Dr. Paul Mocombe, author of The Vodou Ethic and the Spirit of Communism

Articles/Media to be discussed:

By Dr. Celucien Joseph:

By Dr. Jerry Gilles and Yvrose Gilles:

CNN | Believer | Reza Aslan | Vodou

Listen live at the player below  or http://www.blogtalkradio.com/pancaribbean/2017/05/06/legacy-of-1804-cnn-vodou-documentary-was-it-a-hack-job-lof1804. You can also listen live only on the phone at 714-242-6119.

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Paul Beaubrun was not able to join us but we played his music and will welcome him live soon. There were so many reactions to Dr. Joseph's article that we focused only on that and will reconvene to discuss Dr. Gilles' article on a later show.


The extent of the christianity of the Kongo Kingdom before the transatlantic slave trade, given that a significant proportion of Haitians' ancestors came from the Kongo kingdom. Dr. Mocombe and Manbo Fabiola took exception to Dr. Lou's assertions that all the Kongos who came to Haiti were catholic. Rather, Dr. Mocombe believes that only their elites had converted to Christianity. |  We also discussed the incessant persecution of vodouyizan in Haiti by the Catholic church initially and now by evangelical christians and the white supremacist ideology that fuels that persecution.|  Dr. Mocombe and Manbo Fabiola also took exception to Dr. Joseph's assertion that Christianity and Islam are as ancestral to Haitians as is Vodou. | The issue of mental health in relation to vodou and to the perception of vodou by authorities in North America came up as well.

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