Legacy of 1804 | Haiti News & Blog Review | Stop Imperialism Radio, TPS, Guy Philippe, Nan Sole

Join me this Friday night (tonight) at 9PM as I bring you an excerpt of my latest chat with geopolitical analyst Eric Draitser of  stopimperialism.org, Stop Imperialism Radio and Counterpunch Radio, clips of this week's news in Haitian media, as well as some good music:

Pawol ak Mizik opening segment with Misty Jean, live from Haiti (30 minutes) | Preview of Alice's chat with Eric Draitser on Stop Imperialism Radio titled Haiti: Poverty, Occupation and the Anti-Colonial Struggle  where we discussed MINUSTAH's withdrawal, the Moise presidency and more | Eritye Papa Desalin's take on Guy Philippe guilty plea, Hillary's upcoming visit to Medgar Evers and TPS | Nan Sole fundraiser this weekend for self-determining agriculture i.e. production of kasav in Bainet.

Listen live or archived at the live player below or at https://t.co/jNQGmakPhb. You can also listen --live only -- on the phone at 714-242-6119.

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00:00 - 07:39 Li Pa Two Ta by Misty Jean | Show Intro

07:39 - 20:18 Eritye Papa Desalin clip on fundraiser for Nan Sole Kasav Tayino cooperative in Bainet, Haiti | Caller question on the project

20:18 -  40:52   Chat with Misty Jean and Q&A: why she sings konpa, her exploration of house and techno, the changing music market |

40:52 - 73:00  First half of my recent discussion with Eric Draitser on Stop Imperialism Radio titled Haiti: Poverty, Occupation and the Anti-Colonial Struggle  where we discussed MINUSTAH's withdrawal, the Moise presidency's purported crackdown on corruption, PetroCaribe, the Haitian army and more | Q&A

73:00 - End  Eritye Papa Desalin clip on Guy Philippe and TPS | Show close | Jette la Premiere Pierre by Misty Jean

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