Legacy of 1804 | Haiti News & Blog Review | UN & Pastor Rape, Merten Visit Aftermath, Prisons #LOF1804

Join me this Friday (tonight) at 9PM as I go over media clips and articles on the latest on the UN sexual violence and trafficking crisis in Haiti, more on the aftermath of Kenneth Merten's recent appearance at Brooklyn College and the pernicious nature of foreign aid to Haiti in the form of prisons.

You can listen live or archived at the below player or at  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/pancaribbean/2017/04/08/legacy-of-1804-haiti-news-blog-review-un-pastor-rape-merten-prisons.  You can also listen live only at 714-242-6119.

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In addition to playing clips of recent media interventions by Dahoud André of Komokoda (on Kenneth Merten at Brooklyn College) and Ezili Dantò (on UN rape), we were joined live on the topic of rape by Cynthia Verna and Georges Bossous Jr of Word and Action. And of course Hugues Girard co-hosted.

00:00-17:00 Intro, quick Haiti news roundup

17:00 - 45:00 Komokoda reacts to Kenneth Merten visit and survey what they believe is wrong with the Haitian Studies Institute

45:00 - 1:30:00 What is statutory rape?  Is Pastor Billy Léveillé guilty of it? A conversation with rape victim advocate Cynthia Verna and Georges Bossous Jr. of Word and Action.

1:30:00 - End  The latest on UN and rape in Haiti as explained by Ezili Dantò on recent media appearances.

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