Legacy of 1804 | Haiti News & Blog Review | Boulos scolds Sweet Micky? #LOF1804

Join me this Friday night at 9:30PM (not 9!)  as I discuss the latest Haiti news with Hugues Girard.


Reginal Boulos' very official scolding or Sweet Micky aka Former President Michel Martelly | Haitian Prime Ministers and taxes | Trump's statements on foreign aid and whether Haiti really needs it | Guy Philippe's admission that he colluded with Washington to overthrow Aristide.

Listen live or archived at the player below or  at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/pancaribbean/2017/03/18/legacy-of-1804-haiti-news-blog-review-boulos-scolds-sweet-micky-lof1804. Listen on the phone (live only) at 714-242-6119.

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