Legacy of 1804 | Cynthia Verna & Daniella Bien-Aime | Rape, Mobile App Solutions #LOF1804 #Haiti

Join me this Friday at 9PM as I welcome Cynthia Verna and Daniella Bien-Aimé to discuss rape and sex trafficking in Haiti and answer the question: is there a way to use technology to prevent these problems?

Cynthia Verna is a popular chef and rape survivor, author of Calvaires: Viols ... et autres souffrances.

Daniella Bien-Aimé offers musings on Haiti and technology at The Bien-Aimé Post.

Articles/media we will discuss:

You can listen live or archived at the below player or at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/pancaribbean/2017/03/25/legacy-of-1804-cynthia-verna-daniella-bien-aim-rape-trafficking-tech. You can also listen live only at 714-242-6119.

You can listen to past shows on iTunes by searching keywords 'Legacy of 1804'. Past shows are also available at http://www.kiskeacity.com/search/label/LOF1804. On Twitter: react to or ask questions by using the hashtag #LOF1804.

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So much was accomplished on this show and so many seeds were planted! Especially in the last 35 minutes or so, when Ezili Dantò called in. Almost a perfect storm.

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