Legacy of 1804 -- Haitian Adoptee Reunites with Birth Mother #Haiti #LOF1804 #Adoption

Join host Alice Backer of www.kiskeacity.com as she welcomes Mariette Williams and Judith Craig Morency, two Haitian Transracial adoptees who want to share their stories. Blogger Mariette Williams was a guest on LOF1804 a while back and returns to discuss meeting and reuniting with her biological birth mother, as reported in various news outlets.

We will discuss the following stories:

The Pain of Reunion: A Transracial Adoptee's Search for Her Birth Mother-- For Harriet  http://ht.ly/X7Jcn

Mariette Williams: Boca woman tracks down her birth mother in Haiti only to discover she was kidnapped years ago. - Sun Sentinel http://ht.ly/X7JDB  

mothermade: Mariette Williams: In Her Own Words http://ht.ly/X7Kc6

Listern live or later at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/pancaribbean/2016/01/16/legacy-of-1804--haitian-adoptee-discusses-finding-her-birth-mother-lof1804. Listen live on the phone at (714) 242-6119.

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