Haiti: Quick facts of the day about aid money whereabouts according to Center for Global Development

"94% of humanitarian funding went to donors' own civilian and military entities, UN agencies, international NGOs and private contractors."

"You can look at procurement databases to track primary contract recipients, but it is almost impossible to track the money further to identify the final recipients and the outcomes of projects."

"Breaking the figures down by donor isn't much better: 60% of US-disbursed recovery funding is "not specified" (pdf), as is 67% of Canada's aid to Haiti (pdf). Data for the European commission shows that 67% of humanitarian funding and 43% of recovery funding is to "other international NGOs" (pdf). Data reporting becomes even more opaque when one looks for the specific organisations, agencies, firms or individuals that have received grants or contracts in Haiti. Detailed financial reports and rigorous impact evaluations are hard to find."

"Of the thousands of projects being run in Haiti, we found only 45 organisation- or project-level evaluation reports at the end of 2011. A total of 23 reports do not have specific project data and only four have any specific detail about how the money was spent."

"The Government of Haiti has received just 1 percent of humanitarian aid and somewhere between 15 and 21 percent of longer-term relief aid."

Source: Haiti's earthquake generated a $9bn response – where did the money go? | Vijaya Ramachandran and Julie Walz | Global development | guardian.co.uk http://ht.ly/gQoP0
(Authors of: Haiti: Where Has All the Money Gone? : Center for Global Development : Publications http://ht.ly/gQnTp)

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