kiskeácity daily is out ! Editions of Thursday, Aug.18 and Sunday, Aug. 21, 2011

La Troupe Makandal at @HaitiCulturalX's Pwezi Anba Tonel... on Twitpic
La Troupe Makandal at Pwezi Anba Tonèl last night in Brooklyn.
A Haiti Cultural Exchange event.



Mayor of Les Cayes says he was bypassed by President in organizing Gelée Festival. (Nouvelliste)
The Bwa Kayiman ceremony revisited by www.culture509.com blog.
Climate change and Caribbean tourism. (Caribbean Journal)

Wyclef Jean conversion and back to school preparations in Haiti.
Video of Metro News for Aug. 17th.



Delay of a month in back to school date for Haitian children. (Radio Peyizan quoted by Réseau Citadelle)
Trinidad Cement Limited plant to settle in Varreux in partnership with Haitian company Win Group. (www.haitilibre.com)

From the Blogs -
Meteyo and Citizen Haiti/Sitwayen Ayiti warn of upcoming tropical storm Irene which may hit Haiti Monday night.
C'est plutôt ça Haiti posts a video of plays by Haitian  Belfort for his French soccer team.

Video -
Promotional clip for Brooklynites Lamar Bailey and Pascale Boucicaut's Yemanja restaurant in Panama.
Haitian diaspora photographer Sydney Etienne is currently in Haiti and offers shots under the rubric Beautiful Haiti.

Photos and Music -
Under the #Haiti tab: Blog Carel La posts Presteej track and ocean landscape.

Yours truly's twitpic shots of Pwezi Anba Tonèl last night on the sidewalk of Five Myles Gallery in Brooklyn. Performers included La Troupe Makandal and poets Michèle Voltaire Marcelin, Denisé Lauture who read the famous poem Guinée by Jacques Roumain, Jennifer Célestin and Josaphat Robert Large. Translations for the poems were projected on the gallery's façade.

Fundraiser party for Yemanja from helene zund on Vimeo.

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