kiskeácity daily is out ! Edition of Monday, Aug. 22, 2011



PotoFanm has just launched its first program, PotoFi. See a PDF of the  briefing note of this survey and services program for Haitian girls facing sexual violence in the media section of the newsletter. (FR, EN)

Tropical storm Irene worried some yesterday as it approached Haiti.

Controversial biometric passport and border controls program being implemented in Haiti.

EcoAlert podcast with Nadine Patrice of Operation Green Leaves.

Upcoming National Haitian-American Health Alliance conference in P-au-P.

From the blogs - www.culture509.com remembers a Haitian rapper and his song on the Bwa Kayiman ceremony.

Video - La Troupe Makandal at Haiti Cultural Exchange's Pwezi Anba Tonèl Saturday night. 

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