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Headlines -

Digicel refusing interconnection with Natcom, in contrast with Voilà. (www.haitilibre.com). (See interview with Voilà CEO Padberg on the topic in Metro Newz of today below.)

More details on the continued conflict between Martelly and Parliament heads on the procedure to choose a Prime Minister. (www.haitilibre.com)

From the blogs -

Haiti - Cyrus Sibert of Réseau Citadelle deplores the fact that Martelly has been put on the defensive by Parliament and offers theories on who is pulling the strings in the background. (Headlines)

Trinidad - Global Voices offers a social media review of the debate around the state of emergency. Gerard Best looks at how the price of rice in Trinidad may lead to increased local production of fibery roots. (Headlines)

Video -
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Jamaican arts activist Dutty Bookman talks about his new memoir.

Haiti-based Metro Newz for yesterday covers:

  •  the aftermath of Irene: two have now been found dead because of the overflow of a normally dry ravine; 
  • MINUSTAH saying the only report they recognize on the cholera issue is their own;
  • update on camp population: 60% have left;
  • footage of Voilà's CEO talking at a TPTC commission hearing about his company's cooperation with Natcom on interconnection contrary to Digicel. 

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