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Nepalese origins of cholera in Haiti confirmed. (www.Sciencesetavenir.fr via Lakou28.)

Interview with Ricot Dupuy on Martelly's presidency, the UN's responsibility in cholera and the diaspora (www.CaribbeanJournal.com).  I would like to congratulate Caribbean Journal on doing an increasingly better job at covering the Haitian news by posting Haitian sources and commentators as opposed to just international agencies.

From the blogs -


Miss Haiti comes out second in Miss Universe online contest, as reposted by Blog Carel La from a Brazilian blog. Beauty pageants are often controversial, but this is a testament to the many Haitian tweeters and bloggers such as Carel Pedre, Beltifi.com  and Jean-Junior Joseph who have been tirelessly asking folks to vote for her via Twitter, Facebook etc. in the past few days.

Love Haiti (www.haitisuntimes.com) offers suggestion to the president on the "schools for all" idea. (FR)

www.culture509.com reviews a new book on Petit-Goâve.


Global Voices offers a slice of the debate in Trinidadian social and online media over the state of emergency there.

Video -

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Yesterday's edition of Metro Newz by Télé Métropole in Haiti offers even more updates on what tropical storm Irene has left behind in terms of devastation. The good news is no lives were lost. The bad news is there were many floods including in camps of the displaced, damages to property and 1,000 people in government shelters.

Natcom (the former Teleco now 40% government owned) is requesting interconnection with the reluctant Digicel network and the end of the sabotage to its cables. The ball is now apparently in CONATEL's camp.

AccesHaiti CEO complains about the arrest of four of its workers accused of "bypassing."

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