kiskeácity daily is out ! Edition of Friday, Aug. 12, 2011



Politics - Increasing worries about the back to school season. Martelly travels through Latin America without first nominating a prime minister then denounces what he calls a dictatorship of Parliament. More on color tensions in Parliament. Martelly wants Chile to replace its military mission with a development mission. $3.3 Billion plan to rebuild Port-au-Prince announced by mayor. (Stories by Haiti Libre and Le Nouvelliste.)

From the blogs - Imaj Info posts pictures of student demos against perceived delinquency of IDB camp dwelles. Réseau Citadelle posts pictures MINUSTAH chief's visit to the defiled cathedral in Cap Haitien. (See #Haiti tab.)

Video - Metro News explores the continuing prime minister crisis and the hospital workers strike at Hopital General.

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