kiskeácity daily is out ! Edition of Thursday, Aug. 11, 2011


Haiti Politics - BRAZILIAN FORCES MAY PULL OUT OF HAITI. Senator Edwin Zenny's comments on color tensions in Parliament (FR, EN - Sadly HaitiLibre.com's English version is quite poor and makes poor translation choices such as using mestizo instead of mulatto (!) but you can get the gist of what is going on.)   Manigat doubts Martelly's education plan (FR, EN). Catholic church attack in the North condemned (FR, EN).

Caribbean - Interesting remarks on how to fix Jamaica by Jamaican Governor-General in Washington. On the SiliconCaribe site, Jamaican filmmaker David Mullings explains how he crowdfunded his new film on the Jamaican railroad by using IndieGogo.com. (A story which sounds a lot like how veteran Haitian filmmaker Richard Senecal is funding his film Malpasse on Haitian Students in the D.R.) Upcoming Caribbean-American festival in Springfield, MA.

From the blogs - Haitian blogs in Haiti and the diaspora are abuzz with culture talk (See #Haiti and #Brooklyn tabs). Culture509.com wonders what happens after Haitian talent wins one of the many music contests funded by Digicel or American Airlines over the years and announces a seminar on Haitian folk dance. The Haiti Cultural Exchange website announces a forthcoming Haitian poetry night in Brooklyn on August 20th which will showcase a wide range of Haitian poets from Jacques Roumain to Michèle Marcelin with music by La Troupe Makandal. (I don't intend to miss it and I hope you won't either.) HCX also invites volunteers to paint a mural at PS189, a high school in Brooklyn where they offer arts and culture seminars for children.

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