Relief effort status update from Internews (#38)

 FOOD – Farmers in the Artibonite Valley are going to increase agricultural production, thanks to seeds, fertilizer and know-howm, that it ss going to be offered by USAID.


HOTLINE – Women and Children who have been abused by MINUSTAH personnel can call directly to this number: 37-02-64-86 to report violence against them. Each case will be investigated by MINUSTAH.


HOUSING – Engineers evaluated 1,902 houses in metropolitan Port-au-Prince that they say must be destroyed. Work will be going faster soon as there are 250 other engineers being trained as investigators and evaluators.


DONOR SUPPORT – The European Union has donated $300 million to emergency and reconstruction work in Haiti. Some of that money will go to pay salaries of civil service workers.


CULTURE – The Pantheon National Museum wants to the be the keeper of Haiti's treasures that are in the hands of collectors and institutions that might not be able to care for them in the aftermath of the devastating January 12 earthquake.


WEATHER – More rain expected in Port-au-Prince and other parts of Haiti. The recommendation is for people to stay away from unstable ground that might become dangerous in the rains.


MAILBOX – Dominique Dorisan asked whether Haiti could get another earthquake with the same energy that was released January 12. Another listener asked about whether Haiti has any volcano.


SHELTER/Feature story - Space is at such a premium in Port-au-Prince that even the divider between Route Nationale #2 leading to the south has been serving as a camp site. Dozens of people have built makeshift rooms there. 


ELDER – Some elder Hatians complain they are being ignored for help. Helpage, an organization that focuses on older people, has been delivering food and supplies to older people in the CroixdesPres. 

(A daily radio program for affected communities broadcast on 27 local radio stations and produced by Internews - For more information and to pass on messages for affected communities: Alona Cherkassky, Humanitarian Coordinator (info-er-haiti@internews.org - +509 348 59387- Thursday, March 04, 2010)

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