Relief effort status update from Internews (#36)

CAMP SITES - Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive approved 5 sites that will be used as organized camps, along with eight other sites that will be used to dump construction debris.


DEBRIS REMOVAL - Joaseus Nadere of the Ministry of Public Works said his department has set a timetable to clear debris from priority buildings set by the government, such as schools and public offices.


SECURITY/PRISONS - Out of the 5,000 prisoners that broke out of their cells following the earthquake, 111 have been recaptured and brought back to the Penitentier National. Police have a number where people can call if they notice an escaped prisoner in their neighborhood.


SHELTER/ENVIRONMENT - IDPs are cutting down trees to stretch their plastic sheetings, or to construct temporary housing in the camps. Environmental experts are saying that cutting down trees for housing solves one problem while exacerbating another.


WEATHER - It's going to be cloudy throughout the capital over the next couple of days.


MAILBOX - Witza Petit-Antoine from ENDK answers questions from listerners in Leogane and other sites.


FOOD - WFP Spokes person, Fredrique Pierre, tells listeners the latest on how the food distribution is going on.


RETURN - Many IDPs living in the Champ de Mars say they would like to return home, and that they would like to find security where the government plans to send them.

(A daily radio program for affected communities broadcast on 27 local radio stations and produced by Internews - Tuesday, March 02, 2010 - To download the radio program: http://rapidshare.com/files/358088324/02_03_2010_ENDK.mp3.html)  - For more information and to pass us messages for affected communities: Humanitarian Coordinator (info-er-haiti@internews.org - +509 348 59387)

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