Préval on his legacy (translation of Miami Herald Interview)

Haitian President René Préval gave this interview to Jacqueline Charles of the Miami Herald in Creole a couple of days ago. In the interview, Préval talks about the challenges of his two terms in office as well as the growth the country experienced under him.  I found it informative given that I myself have been a critic of his lack of visibility during the crisis and thought it was worth translating to English.

Here is the clip's translation:

"Four historic events happened during my presidency:
  1. It was the first time we had organized armed groups in the country wreaking havoc. It took us two years to resolve that problem.
  2. As soon as we resolved that problem, food and gasoline prices started increasing causing riots which overthrew the prime minister. It was the first time a Prime Minister received a vote of no-confidence from parliament. It took us six months to install another prime minister. 
  3. As soon as we inaugurated the new Prime Minister, four hurricanes hit the country at once, for the first time in its history.
  4. Now we have the earthquake.
So these are the four major events we had to tackle in four years. Obviously, that was an extremely challenging term.

Nevertheless here is our legacy:

  • Prior to 2004, the GDP was decreasing/negative. Froom 2004 to 2006, the GDP became positive. 
  • Despite all national and international problems, we experienced growth of 3.4% last year. I  believe that will be my legacy, especially since prior to 2006, we had had 5 years of GDP decrease.
  • We have increased the production of food in the country by 25% despite the hurricane and all our other problems.
  • Roads were built and we are continuing to do so. That will be an important part of my legacy as well. 
  • And we hope to organize elections although not immediately so as to continue ensuring stability in the country."

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