Internews - RADIO FOR AFFECTED COMMUNITIES #12 - Haiti Relief Briefing

Thought I'd post this Internews Briefing. Contains great updates and stats. (Internews is an organization in charge of relief information propagation on Haitian radio stations.)

The most urgent issue remains shelter for the hundreds of thousands of displaced people. Plastic sheeting is prioritized over tents -  7,000 latrines will be installed in the camps of all affected areas - 100,000 people have received food as of January 31 - Vaccination program starts on Tuesday February 2 in temporary camps -  more than 482,000 people have left Port-au-Prince for outlying departments after the earthquake, a vast majority is staying by host families  -  Schools have reopened in the non-affected areas. Between 2,500 and 4,600 schools have been affected by the earthquake.

SECURITY - 14 suspected assailants arrested
14 suspects were arrested by UN soldiers and the Haitian National Police, near Jeremie. They are suspected of putting up barricades to stop a food convoy that was coming out of the airport. A few days before, 20 people were arrested in Kafou Katon for having tried to stop a convoy, that was also bringing food from the same airport. 

FOOD - Distribution going on
Food distribution that started on January 31 is gaining momentum. In 14 distribution centers, women and men are standing in line to receive their bag of rice. This reportage produced in Canape Vert  explains how the distribution works.

FOOD - Involvement of municipalities in food distribution 
The municipalities and NGOs have met on sunday at the Mairie of Tabarre. Municipalities requested to be more involved in the food distribution process.  

WATER - Canadian forces are producing drinking water 
A canadian contingent has started producing drinking water in Jacmel. They can produce up to 48 liters per minute. 
ASSESSMENT - Light and latrines needed in the camps
Food, water, shelter, and health are the main issues that come up during the assessment conducted by humanitarian organizations to find out the needs of the populations in the camps. More than 90% of displaced people need adequate lighting and distinct latrines for men and women.
SHELTER - Assessment of public and some commercial buildings
The Haitian government has published a number where people can turn to (3 49 13 261) to ask for the evaluation of public buildings, such as schools and hospitals, by engineering experts, and some commercial buildings like hotels.
NUTRITION - Cases of acute malnutrition among children
Humanitarian organizations have identified children suffering from acute malnutrition. UNICEF is working with haitian NGOs in looking for ways to support pregrant women and breast-feeding women.  
HEALTH - Launch of vaccination campaign
A test campaign was conducted on Sunday January 31 at the Silvio Cator football stadium. A larger immunization campaign has started today in temporary camps of Port-au-Prince. The vaccine protect against rubella, and diphteria-tetanus-pertussis, for children under 7 years of age. The campaign targets 600,000 people. 

CAMP MANAGEMENT - New site in Kwa Debouquet
The site of Kwa Debouquet is about 10 ha large and is expected to host thousands of IDPs from the largest camps of the capital. The government said it will create smaller camps inside Port-au-Prince to free up the space inside the schools such as Saint-Louis-de-Gonzague. 

CONSTRUCTION - 3 sites to dump the rubbles
The commission on evaluation and construction has identified 3 sites where the rubbles will be dumped : Croix Desbouquet, Carrefour, and Tabarre.  The initial evaluation estimates that there are 16 millions tons of rubbles to evacuate. 

CUSTOMS - Control of non humanitarian goods
The Haitian and Dominican governments start again to check and tax goods that cross the border between the two countries. These controls do not affect humanitarian goods. 

GOVERNMENT - State of Emergency extended
The Haitian government has extended the state of emergency throughout the country for 15 more days. The state of emergency allows the governement to suspend individual liberties, and take exceptional measures including confiscating homes, cars, etc. 

For more information and to pass us messages for affected communities:
Jacobo Quintanilla, Humanitarian Coordinator (info-er-haiti@internews.org - +509 348 59387)

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