Sausage Making in Fort Greene

As with all writer's block, I constantly thought about this blog and its readers during the time I was away. And I meticulously documented events I imagined sharing here. Over the next few posts, I'll fill you in on some of the most remarkable moments.

Like this sausage making party I attended back in May at my good friend JP's house. JP is a long time friend and Williamsburgh refugee who came to the Fort Greene/Clinton Hill area when she got married and got tired of loft/communal living in Willyburgh. She essentially left a real loft shared with a bunch of people for a two bedroom in brownstone land with a backyard.

The pictures should tell you the stories for themselves but in a nutshell sausage making and barbecuing quickly gave way to hoola hooping. Makes sense, right? Okay, maybe not.

Sausages and hoola hoops at JP's 002

See the full slideshow.

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Alexandryna said...

Happy to see you here ;-)

Alice B. said...

Thanks, Silvia! I don't think you could be happier than I am.