"Dubiously" Caribbean Musings in Big City Salsa: the kiskeacity come-back

I'm back to blogging, sort of. I have good excuses for the 6-month hiatus: work which has been quite intense lately and GV Lingua which I am proud to say now translates Global Voices in 10 languages including Malagasy and Bangla and processing my not-so-recent breakup. But I wouldn't be honest if I didn't also add that I was also struck by writer's blogger's block.

The by-line to this blog so far has been "Caribbean Musings in Big City Salsa." I first started it when I thought I'd apply for phD programs that might allow me to study aspects of the Caribbean that don't have to do with big drunken tourist buses on resorts. Aspects like its long history involving agents and commercial flows to and from four continents, islandness, creolization, mulattoization (i.e race mixing) etc. But though I live in a Caribbean metropolis located outside of it (Brooklyn, NY, USA), I no longer live on one of its islands (Kiskeya aka Hispaniola aka Haiti/Dominican Republic). Hence the ''in Big City Salsa" part of the by-line.

As Brooklyn itself (where I have now lived 10 years!) and Fort Greene, Brooklyn in particular is quite a creolized and creolizing place (I have taken to calling some of my native Brooklynite friends Brooklyn Creoles), I have an infinite amount to say about it and my experiences here. And my old refrain that "Brooklyn is part of the Caribbean", though true, is no longer enough to "excuse" musings about Brooklyn which you should expect to see many more of here. So I am adding "Dubiously" to the by-line and I hope that marks the punto final to my writer's blogger's block.

PS: Expect to see a whole lot more about GV Lingua as well and translation and translation tools in general. Should I rename this blog Global Creole? :-)

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