Global Voices Valentine's Day Poetry Contest


Global Voices is having a poetry contest. Just click on the above badge, read the instructions and enter your submission in the comments section. It can be in any language but would ideally have some regional coloring. Happy Valentine's Day!

Global Voices organise un concours de poésie pour la St-Valentin. Pour y participer, cliquez sur le badge ci-dessus et tapez votre poème dans la section commentaires. Votre poème peut être en Français et doit de préférence avoir une couleur régionale. Prière de me faire savoir si vous avez des questions sur les règles. Si suffisamment de monde le réclame, je promets de les traduire. Joyeuse St-Valentin! (Vous avez jusqu'à minuit heure du Pacifique ou GMT-8 pour vous faire entendre.)


Anonymous said...

Hello Alice, I couldn't find your mail on this blog or on GV to forward an interview request. Am I blind? Help!

Alice B. said...

Sorry Claire. You aren't blind at all, it's just that you have to click on "view my profile" above right to get to it. Sorry about that. There's a redesign coming and I'm hoping to address that.

Alice B. said...

It's kiskeyacity [dot]19997669 [at] bloglines [dot] com

Unknown said...

Hello Alice,
Thank you kindly for the invitation. I would not inflict my horrible rhymes on the world but I 'd like to cast my vote for hjk's poem :).

Alice B. said...

Hey Lova,
I myself am still waiting for it to emerge from moderation. I can't wait to see it. But I know your sentiments exactly. I already told my GV colleagues that they couldn't pay me to write v-day poetry! Not that I don't have a soft spot for the day or for love. But to add poetry to the whole thing would be waaay over the top. LOL.