Blog Your Way to a Better Country?

A summary of how Madagascar, an island nation on the East African coast, has gotten its blogging community in gear, from my GV post on Francophonie blogs in 2006. (Again, something the Haitian government would be wise to emulate, now that it seems to want to invest in country branding.)
Madagascar though lacking La Reunion's aggregator and French ressources, managed to pull together a very cohesive and active blogosphere with a collective blog Malagasy Miray, over a dozen active bloggers (this does not include their growing crop of English and Malagasy speaking bloggers), a blogger's meet January 5th, "Malagasyscopy", a "communal post" on Malagasy identity abroad to which over 20 Malagasy bloggers contributed their 2 cents. One wonders whether this incredible momentum is not owed to the government's recent efforts to refurbish the country's image but active, enthusiastic diasporans probably deserve credit too.

(Madagascar is an island nation in the Indian Ocean with a population of about 19 million.)

Two pictures of Anakao, Madagascar sunset, by Daniel Quip

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Unknown said...

Hello Alice,
Thank you for this post.What you wrote meant a great deal to all of us :). Ayele Haiti !

Geoffrey Philp said...

What a great post!
I'll be talking more about this in the next couple of weeks.

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