New Year, New Haitian Blogs

The end of 2006 saw a rash of new blogging activity in the Haitian blogosphere.

Roody Edme whose blog Ailleurs Vu D'ici was already around during the year, published (FR) not one, not two but around a dozen posts on December 30th! And they were all good. He blogged about the carnival, the Haitian "netizenry" but also about current affairs in France, the US, China, India, the Middle East, you name it! (Time to dust off your French.)

Haitian-American blogger Nightshift Chronicler got bold and decided, still in December, to start a whole new blog dedicated exclusively to Haiti. It's called Pelerin 89. For the occasion, he borrowed kiskeyAcity's Haitian blogroll (with attribution thank you) and also put up live Haiti headlines from Global Voices. (If you want to do the same, go here and cut and paste the code. Note that you can add live headlines for any country and several dozen topics by going here and clicking on the "JSS" of your choice.)

I just discovered RansR.com (great name!) who, between Dec. 30th and today has already waxed "frekan" on the lack of polish of the Miss Haiti International contest (held in Florida), copyright issues in the Haitian Music Industry (spurred by a recently aired show on Haitian web television site Banbochtv.com) and the movie Choc Terrible.

And recently added to the Blogroll but not necessarily all that new are 3rdwordlgirl, yet another Haiti-based Haitian blogger (in English) whose contributions if irregular are always solid, and Christ, My Righteousness by a Haitian-American pastor.

Enjoy! To many many more in 2007!

(Photo by Alejandro Nunez.)


Brian said...


I am new to blogging, so just came across your blog, which I really like- makes it easy to see what is going on with blogging regarding Haiti.

I am not Haitian, but I have a blog, the Haiti Justiceblog (www.blog.ijdh.org), that deals with justice in Haiti and U.S. relations with its oldest neighbor. Please take a look at it, and mention it on your blog if you think it is appropriate.

Thanks, Brian Concannon

Alice B. said...

Hi Brian,
As soon as I figure out what category to put your blog in, I'll add it to the blogroll.

Haitian Blog Network said...

Another Fellow Haitian Blogger Here, im kinda all over the place though. love this site and I like that Alice haven't quite.


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