A Martinique Christmas

Loulou Boislaville chante nwel
Video sent by matinikphoto
This video was posted on Daily Motion today. It is a biguine Christmas carol performed by some of Martinique's music greats including Ralph Thamar and Loulou Boislaville. The video is dated Dec. 24,2006 on Dailymotion and technically aired on Martiniquan television last night. Why does it look so vintage to me? Could it be that Ralph Thamar looks not a day older than 20 -- not a wrinkle, not a gray hair? I wonder if this was not a re-airing of a 70's recording. Maybe our Martiniquan friends can chime in...

In any event, Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it.

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Anonymous said...

It's definitively a re-airing of a 70's recording !

Alice B. said...

Thanks, [Moi]. C'est bien ce que je pensais. That's what I figured. :-)

Unknown said...

Hello Alice,

Just found out about this space. very nice. Although I am Malagasy,my dad is currently in St-Martin and my mother used to work in Port-au-Prince :).
Bonne annee !