Tonight: 2nd Annual Haitian Jazz Festival, NY

Last year's was at SOB's, a small-ish but determined venue in the Village, Manhattan that for at least the past 20 years has had a different flavor of "world" music every night of the week. (Haitian is Friday these days although it wasn't actually called that for a while - go figure.) I missed it because I got there too late and it'd already sold out. Apparently, it rocked.

This year's is at Irving Plaza, a real concert hall in the Village where I've seen people like the Marley family and Erika Badu perform. I am going to miss it because it's a good friend's birthday. But YOU shouldn't if there are still tickets --the poster up there is last year's. (Blame Delhi for my not posting this earlier.)
One of my favorite Haitian bands, Mozayik, will be there. I saw them this summer thank god. Lots of excerpts for you to preview here and here. This promise is getting old but I swear I'll make it next year...

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Stephen A. Bess said...

I've never heard Haitian Jazz. I'll have to look up Mozayik just to get a sample. Hello from DC!

Alice B. said...

Hi Stephen,
There should be samples on www.mozayik.com, the band's website. Enjoy!