The Traveling Beaver + Ed Bradley

A Day in the Life of The Traveling Beaver
  • The Traveling Beaver is an expat living in Haiti for now and having a great time of it apparently. His posts are usually about his enjoyable experiences there and he generally does very little of the fatalistic whining and complaining that other expats or locals often do. Seems like a man who knows how to make the best of life, wherever he is.
  • Anyway, his latest post illustrates all of the above. Features a trip to Deschapelles --including the requisite contrast of attitudes there to attitudes in faster-paced Port-au-Prince,-- pictures of Deschapelles and ... Burundi where he recently traveled, a performance of Hotel California for fellow hotel guests, and yes (back down to earth!) his feelings about the recent murder of two Jordanian UN troops.
A 'Yellow Misfit''s Goodbye to Ed Bradley
  • Blogger and former Village Voice writer Gary Dauphin (who is in my Haitian Diaspora blogroll, to the right of the home page) has a great post about Ed Bradley, a man he finds relevant to a "yellow misfit" like himself. The post is written in Dauphin's usual unique self-deprecating but refreshingly honest style. Like when he says:
    it was the fact that he was a master flirt that got me, how Bradley seemed to be one of those powerful, married, older men (was Bradley married then? It had to have been '93) whose yen for women had not curdled into a creepy coveting of youth, but had instead ripened into a rakishly cool (that word again) playfulness - gently suggestive, sharp, expert, and completely harmless all at the same time.
  • Bradley was not married then. Or at least not to his widow Patricia Blanchet, a Haitian-American filmmaker, whom he seems to have married in 2004. The Aspen Times has a great article and picture of the two.
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1 comment:

Beaver said...

Wow ! Thanks for featuring me on your blog ! I am totally honored.

Just a small detail though... I'm a girl :oD (Who would have thunk?)

My regular posting about enjoyable times will soon resume - I did feel important to talk about Tolerance.org in my last posts - but the adventures are coming back very very soon.

Thanks again.