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I joined My Blog Log, which is a kind of MySpace for bloggers and their readers. I invite all of your reading from the mailing list or from the feeds to join my kiskeyAcity page there. You'll be able to create profiles for yourselves, see each other and interact (kind of). You're welcome to do that here too of course but technically My Blog Log is designed specifically for community building. I am new to the software so I can't quite gage compeletely how efficient it'll be for those purposes but I think it is definitely a resource for those of you who have blogs.

I'll report back on how helpful this new tool is.

In the meantime, I created a 'Community and Stats' section to the right of the home page with the My Blog Log badge and another badge of My Blog Log members who have recently read kiskeyAcity.

Meanwhile, you can sign up and join the kiskeyAcity community by clicking on the badge below and following the instructions:

 View My Public Stats on MyBlogLog.com

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