Snowstorm Blues and Trini Fetes

Sunday's snowstorm was the second all time worst in New York history. I now know how to navigate these things so I can't complain a whole lot. That said, Caribbean-based bloggers helped pass the time (24 full hours)I spent holed up inside.

I dreamt warm and fuzzy festival-laced daydreams thanks to Nicholas Laughlin's Blog and Caribbean Free Radio.

  • Nicholas posted a beautiful description of the Muslim festival of Hosay as celebrated in his native Trinidad. As he depicts in detail the wide variety of creeds and races partaking in this technically moslem holiday, he writes: "this place [Trinidad] is a mess, yes, but we've figured a few things out." He's referring to T&T's unique brand of multiculturalism.
  • Meanwhile Georgia over at Caribbean Free Radio shares blow by blow accounts of the lead-up to the Trini Carnival taking place at the end of the month. See her My Carnival series. Her experiences compliment Nicholas' quite well and she does admit to running into him at events...

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Frank Partisan said...

I'm from Minnesota. Snow is no problem.