Asiko at Gureje's

Asiko performed at Brooklyn's Gureje last Saturday night. Asiko is, like Antibalas, a high-life band a la Fela Kuti: a "big band" with a dozen musicians including several drummers, a hefty horn section and a Fela-like lead vocalist. The band is as diverse as Brooklyn itself, including Belizian-American singer and former classmate Nyasha Laing and a Nigerian singer who sings in what is probably Yoruba. Nyasha has been blogging about her travels to Belize over at the Global Parish and may have inspired the band's choice of a garifuna singer as their opening act for the evening.

They gave a great show and Gureje (a high ceilinged club neatly tucked behind a clothing store) has what it takes atmosphere and decor-wise to amplify the experience.

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